• Cashmere — How to choose a quality cashmere yarn.
  • Mercerized cotton — A fresh look.
  • Silk — How to get the most out of this luxurious fiber while avoiding disaster.
  • Superwash — Is superwash the only machine-washable wool?
  • Untreated wool — Why you should consider untreated wool for your next project.


  • Blown yarns — Are they any good?
  • Ply structure — Differences between plied yarns.
  • Twist — The difference between Z-twist and S-twist, and what it means for your knitting and crocheting.


Increasing and decreasing

  • K2Tog-L — The only left-leaning decrease you'll ever need.
  • KFSB — A neater, easier alternative to a KFB increase.
  • Make 1 (M1) increase — Right-leaning, left-leaning, knit side, purl side.

Intarsia tips

  • Intarsia cast-on — How to make vertical lines of color starting from a neat cast-on edge.
  • Neater intarsia — A simple fix for untidy stitches around a vertical color change.

Joining yarn

Short rows

  • Double short rows — Two short rows at the same stitch for interesting design possibilities.

All about gauge

Guest articles