Knitting Increase Calculator

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Tips for using the calculator

The calculator helps distribute increases evenly across a row.

It's designed to help you with pattern instructions like "increase 8 stitches evenly across the row." The tool works out how to place increases uniformly across the row, while avoiding row ends so as not to mess up the edges.

It understands different increases.

The type of increase makes a difference to the knitting instructions. Some increases, like Make 1, are worked between stitches, so they don't "use up" any of the original stitches. Whereas other increases, like KFB, where you knit into the front and back of the same stitch, use up a stitch while making the increase, leaving you with one less stitch to knit. The calculator changes the instructions according to the increase that you choose.

(Also see our Knitting Decrease Calculator.)

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