Boutique Twilight

Weight: Super Bulky / Super Chunky
Texture: Chained
Fiber: Acrylic (61%),
Nylon (25%),
Polyester (9%),
Metallic (5%)
Needles: 10mm (15 US) (000 UK)
Gauge: 8 sts / 10cm (4") and 12 rows
Hook: 10mm
Balls: 100g; 54m (59 yds)
Care: Machine wash (30C), Do not iron
Styles: Multicolored
Price: $$$$$
Note: We're only showing yarns that also contain metallic thread. If you like, you can widen the search to include yarns without metallic thread.

Suggested substitutes

Unfortunately, Boutique Twilight seems to be a unique yarn and we don't know of any close matches. The following suggestions might work in some projects. We've tried our best to match gauge and behavior.
Stellar (50% match)
This yarn is single ply wrapped with fine thread rather than chained, so the finished item will have a different look.
This yarn is less dense, giving a loftier feel. Your garment will be lighter than with the original yarn.
The gauge does not match very well and may not be workable. Try using larger needles and swatch to match gauge.
The fiber content is different. This yarn contains: Acrylic (99%) and Metallic (1%)
Although the qualities of the fibers of this yarn are a close match, the construction of the yarn is different.