Filtering results

If you like, you can exclude certain yarns from the results.

By default, YarnSub finds the closest matches among all the yarns it knows about (unless they're discontinued). You can choose to filter out certain groups of yarns by using the Filters, which can be found just above the list of suggested substitutes on a yarn page. Untick the appropriate checkboxes to exclude a category.

Filtering yarns based on fiber

  • Animal fibers means any fiber that comes directly from an animal. For example: wool, alpaca, angora, beaver, buffalo, camel, cashmere, guanaco, llama, mohair, possum, qiviut, vicuna and yak.

  • Animal-derived refers to any other fiber that requires animals at some stage in its production. For example: silk, milk fiber and pearl viscose.

  • Synthetic refers to any fiber produced from start to finish in a factory. For example: acrylic, nylon, microfiber, polyester etc.

  • Plant fibers means any fiber that started life as a plant. For example: bamboo, cotton, hemp, linen, nettle and plant-sourced viscose.

Filtering yarns based on price

Price bands per 50g of yarn:

US Dollars (Approx.) UK Pounds (Approx.)
$ Less than $3 Less than £2
$$ $3 – $6.50 £2 – £4
$$$ $6.50 – $10 £4 – £6.50
$$$$ $10 – $17 £6.50 – £12
$$$$$ More than $17 More than £12

Please use the price bands as a rough guide only—a yarn's price depends on exchange rates, individual retailers and whether it's easily available in a particular location.

Note that we do not have price information about all the yarns. When you apply a price filter, only yarns with price information are displayed in the results.

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