Snow flurry lace pattern

As used in the scarf in Taming Multicolored Yarns

swatch of Snow Flurry lace pattern

The Snow Flurry lace pattern came from Vogue® Knitting Stitchionary® Volume 5: Lace. I've given the instructions below in both chart and written form.

Lace Chart

Snow flurry lace chart


K2Tog-L is interchangeable with SSK, though I find K2Tog-L neater and easier.

Written instructions

Row 1 (Right side): K1, *K2Tog-L, [K1,YO] twice, K1, K2Tog, K1; rep from * to end
Rows 2, 4, 6 and 8: Purl
Row 3: K1, *K2Tog-L, YO, K3, YO, K2Tog, K1; rep from * to end
Row 5: K1, *YO, K1, K2Tog, K1, K2Tog-L, K1, YO, K1; rep from * to end
Row 7: K1, *K1, YO, K2Tog, K1, K2Tog-L, YO, K2; rep from * to end

— Wendy

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