K2tog-L With Different Yarns

I tested the K2Tog-L with different fibers and yarn constructions, to make sure that it looked good in other yarns apart from plied wool.

Here's the gallery of swatches.


K2Tog-L decrease in Acrylic yarn

Swatch made with 100% acrylic: DY Choice Baby Joy DK.


K2Tog-L decrease in Cotton

Swatch made with 100% Cotton: Rowan DK Handknit Cotton.

Non-Superwash Wool

K2Tog-L decrease in non-superwash Wool

Swatch made with 100% Wool: New Lanark Pure Wool DK.

Single Ply Wool

K2Tog-L decrease in single ply yarn

Swatch made with 100% Wool: Sublime Yarns Natural Aran.

Superwash Merino, S-on-S yarn construction

K2Tog-L decrease in superwash wool

Swatch made with 100% Superwash Merino: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK.

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