Newly-published books

A roundup of knitting and crochet books published in the last month.

The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook
How to Write Great Patterns that Knitters Will Love to Make (-)
By Kristina McGrath, Sarah Walworth
A guidebook for both new and experienced designers, setting standards for accurate and easy-to-follow pattern writing. Covers everything from gauge and sizing information to charts, ensuring that knitters will love the patterns they make.
Grand Shetland Adventure Knits
By Gudrun Johnston & Mary Jane Mucklestone
Celebrating the beauty of the Shetland Islands, the book contains 14 patterns for knitters, including socks, hats, and sweaters, inspired by the nature and customs of Shetland. It also includes personal essays about the authors' favorite places in Shetland.
Knitting For Olive
20 Modern Knitting Patterns From The Iconic Danish Brand
By Knitting For Olive
Includes twenty knitting patterns, with projects ranging from sweaters to hats. The book has something for knitters of all skill levels with detailed instructions and techniques to help you create your own modern, Scandinavian-inspired pieces.
Dyeing Yarn Naturally
By Ria Burns
A practical guide to the dyeing process, from sourcing materials and equipment to dyeing the yarn itself. Introduces natural dyeing techniques and provides recipes for twenty-five different plants. Whether you want to forage your own dyes or explore advanced processes like using indigo, this book will inspire you to create vibrant and sustainable textiles.
Knitting Stitches Step-by-Step
More than 150 Essential Stitches to Knit, Purl, and Perfect
By Jo Shaw
Includes over 150 knitting stitches, including cables, fair isle, lace, and intarsia. Clear instructions, helpful photographs, and tips on incorporating different stitches into your projects.
Knits for Dogs
Sweaters, Toys and Blankets for Your Furry Friend
By Stina Tiselius
16 easy-to-follow knitting patterns for dog sweaters, neckerchiefs, snoods, chew toys and balls for playtime. The patterns can be adjusted to fit small to medium-sized breeds.
Neat Knitting Techniques
How to Create the Perfect Finish
By Jo Shaw
Provides step-by-step instructions and photos to tackle common issues like untidy joins and tight cast offs. Includes three practice patterns.
Creepy Cutie Amigurumi
16 Crochet Creatures That Go Bump in the Night
By Megan Kreiner
16 cute yet creepy creatures inspired by horror literature and films, including classic characters like Frankenstein, Cthulhu, Dracula, and a werewolf.
Colorful Baby Crochet
35 adorable and easy patterns for babies and toddlers
By Laura Strutt
35 cute and easy patterns for babies and toddlers. The projects include clothes, accessories, blankets, and toys, and the book provides step-by-step instructions for various crochet techniques.
Mosaic Crochet
Modern Blankets in Overlay Mosaic
By Ana Morais Soares
15 crochet patterns for making colorful blankets using various techniques and styles. The projects range from simple to intricate, in a variety of vibrant or soft colors.
Knitting California
26 Easy-to-Follow Designs for Beautiful Beanies Inspired by the Golden State
By Nancy Bates
From the glamour of Hollywood to the majesty of the Coastal Redwoods, these beanies showcase the beauty of California. The book includes charts, with both simple and more challenging stitch patterns.
Hooked on Shakespeare
Crochet Projects Inspired by The Bard
By Gurinder Kaur Hatchard
From Romeo and Juliet to Macbeth's Three Witches, this collection includes instructions for both beginners and advanced crocheters.
Wallace & Gromit
Cracking Crochet: Create 12 iconic characters in amigurumi
By Sarah-Jane Hicks
Recreate 8 characters, as well as their accessories and costumes, with clear instructions and images of the finished items.

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