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A roundup of knitting and crochet books published in the last month.

Knitted Home
30 contemporary knitting projects for your living space
By Melanie Porter
This book contains thirty hand-knit designs to spruce up your home. Projects range from smaller items, such as bolster pillow covers and clock covers, to larger projects, like covered footstools and a chunky rug. There are three colour schemes to choose from, so there's something for all tastes. Knitted Home contains a comprehensive techniques guide, with all the basic tutorials, as well as advice on using giant knitting needles and measuring furniture.
Field Guide No. 23
By Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne
This book features four knitting designs by Arne & Carlos from Norway that showcase traditional knitting techniques with modern color and style. The designs included are: Setesdal Hat, Valdres Pullover, Rosy Mittens, and Kos Neckwarmer. Each of the designs captures the joy of traditional Norwegian knitting and adds vibrant colors for a contemporary touch. Readers can learn cozy Norwegian styles with easy-to-follow patterns for each of the designs, including embroidered details for the mittens.
Modern Cables Collection
By Knit Picks
This book contains 14 knitting patterns featuring cabling techniques, from garments and accessories to cozy toppers and more. The designs range from traditional cabling with geometric shapes to oversized twining and asymmetrical elements. If you enjoy knitting with cables and want to add some modern updates, this book offers an array of interesting ideas.
Knitted Menagerie
Knitted Menagerie
By Sarah Keen
Knitted Menagerie offers full-color illustrations and clear step-by-step instructions for 30 different animals, ranging from mammals and birds to insects and sea creatures. The crafting projects range in complexity, making them suitable for absolute beginners and experienced knitters. Whether you're creating a beaver, a swan and its cygnets, a fox, or an otter, this book has something to enjoy.
What I Learned About Life While Shearing Sheep, Dyeing Wool, and Making the World's Ugliest Sweater
By Peggy Orenstein
Peggy Orenstein's memoir, Unraveling, follows her journey to make a sweater from scratch by shearing sheep, spinning and dyeing wool, and facing her fears of life's changes. Orenstein weaves a humorous and thought-provoking story as she dives into topics such as the meaning of home, the impact of technology and sustainability, racial justice, and women's rights. Along the way, she discovers herself and the power of creativity and connection.
Crocheted Houseplants
Beautiful flora to make for your home
By Emma Varnam
This book offers 25 stylish crocheted projects that can be used to decorate your home or office. It features popular plants like yucca, spider plants and orchids that don't require any maintenance, allowing you to enjoy a lush indoor garden without having to worry about watering or feeding. With easy-to-follow instructions on tools, materials and stitches, this book will teach you how to create your own beautiful faux plants. You'll also find tips on how to pot and display these crocheted creations.
Hip to Be Square
20 Contemporary Crochet Designs Using 5 Simple Squares
By Katie Jones
This book provides readers with the opportunity to learn how to make 20 contemporary crochet designs with just 5 simple squares. It offers a range of size-inclusive garments and accessories, as well as homeware designs, which can be customised by using different yarn weights, colors, and types. The book features detailed instructions and illustrations and also provides tips on how to care for the designs so they will last.
Big Book of Scarves
Corner to Corner Crochet Patterns
By Kim Latshaw, Robert Latshaw Sr
This book provides instructions for 33 different scarf patterns that can be made with the 'corner to corner' crochet technique. Each pattern includes a graph, row by row color count, and written instructions for the technique. This book has something for everyone, from the basic Anchor Scarf to the more advanced Music Notes Scarf.
VarieHook Crochet Stitch Dictionary
100 Revised, Classic and Original Patterns
By D. Johnson
This book provides instructions on how to use the patent-pending VarieHook 5.5 mm 3-shafted crochet hook and includes 100 stitch patterns. The patterns are edited and organized into chapters, with instructions on how to convert traditional crochet patterns to work with the special hook. It also includes suggestions for variations on the patterns to further customize the look.

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