Newly-published books

A roundup of knitting and crochet books published in the last month.

Best Ever Christmas
Knit and Crochet More Than 65 Festive Designs
By Sirdar
Mosaic Crochet Workshop
Modern geometric designs for throws and accessories
By Esme Crick
Confident Knitting
A Third Year of Techniques
By Arnall-Culliford Knitwear
Wilderness Knits
Scandi-Style Jumpers for Adventuring Outdoors
By Linka Neumann
The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook
150 stitch patterns and 10 projects for gansey knits
By Di Gilpin, Shelia Greenwell
By Kate Davies & Nicole Pohl
Adventure Cables
Brave New Stitch Crossings and 19 Knitting Patterns
By Meghan Jones
Crochet Colorwork Made Easy
Simple Techniques to Create Multicolor Sweaters, Accessories and Home Decor
By Claire Goodale
Amigurumi Friends and Celebrations
Crochet a Bunch of Festive Presents
My Amigurumi Toys
My Amigurumi Toys
By Lana Choi
Modern Amigurumi for the Home
Modern Amigurumi for the Home
By Elisa's Crochet
HELLO Amigurumi
Happy Childhood Days
By Vivyane Veka, Skaiste Kivci, Mei Li Lee, Elisa Ems-Domenig, Sandra Muller
Unravelling Canada
A Knitting Odyssey
By Sylvia Olsen
Selbu Patterns
Discover the Rich History of a Norwegian Knitting Tradition with Over 400 Charts and Classic Designs for Socks, Hats, and Sweaters
By Anne Bårdsgård
Christmas Knits Book 8
By Zoë Halstead

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