Newly-published books

A roundup of knitting and crochet books published in the last month.

Colorblock Projects
By Knit Picks Design Team
Crochet Animal Slippers
60 fun and easy patterns for all the family
By Ira Rott
16 Designs for Rowan
By Martin Storey
A Capsule Collection To Knit & Sew
By Jacqueline Cieslak
MDK Field Guide No. 17: Lopi
By Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne
Daisy and Storm's Knitted Alphabet Squares
for Washcloths and Afghans (Daisy and Storm's Knitted Washcloths and Afghan Squares)
By Heather Taylor
Adorable Knitted Animals
Cute Stuffed Toys to Knit the Japanese Way (25 Different Animals)
By Hiroko Ibuki
Sports edition: 10 Amigurumi Crochet Patterns
By Michael Cao
Organ edition: 11 amigurumi crochet patterns
By Michael Cao
How to Crochet Animals
Pets: 25 Mini Menagerie Patterns (Volume 7) (Edward’s Menagerie)
By Kerry Lord
How to Crochet Animals
Farm: 25 Mini Menagerie Patterns (Volume 8) (Edward’s Menagerie)
By Kerry Lord

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