Weight: Carry along
Texture: Pompom
Fiber: Mohair (36%),
Nylon (33%),
Acrylic (31%)
Needles: 5.5mm (9 US) (5 UK)
6mm (10 US) (4 UK)
Gauge: 14-16 sts / 10cm (4")
Balls: 50g; 84m (92 yds)
Care: Hand wash, Do not iron
Styles: Multicolored tweed
Price: $$$$$
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Suggested substitutes

Bumble Bee (73% match) $$$$$
Good news!
The texture of this yarn is also pompom.
Good news!
These are both 'carry along' yarns, ie decorative yarns, designed to be knit together with another yarn.
The fiber content is different. This yarn contains: Nylon (100%)
This yarn comes in 50g / 50m balls. For each ball of the original yarn you will need 1.68 balls of this.