Powerful yarn searches

We have a large database of current and discontinued yarns that you can browse directly or search with our custom-built search engine.

Brand name

If you can't remember the entire name, just type what you can remember and we'll probably be able to find it anyway!

Examples (clickable):

rowan big wool


It doesn't matter if you type in uppercase or lowercase or a mixture.

Weight name

You can search for yarns using either USA or UK weight names as follows:

1 ply thread
2 ply lace
3 ply light fingering
4 ply fingering
5 ply sport
8 ply dk
9 ply light worsted
10 ply worsted
10 ply aran
11 ply heavy worsted
12 ply bulky (or chunky)
super bulky (or super chunky)
jumbo (or arm knitting)

You can combine a weight with any other search terms, e.g. a brand.


If you want to search for a particular gauge, state the number of stitches for 10cm (4"), either as a single figure or as a range. The search will identify yarns with a gauge that overlaps your desired range.


You can filter the results by price band ($-$$$$$).

Note that we don't have price information for every yarn in the database yet and the price bands are for guidance only. Yarn prices can vary quite a bit depending on which country you're in and what special offers are currently applied.

Active / discontinued status

You can use the word active to exclude discontinued yarns from the results. If you want to see only discontinued yarns, use the word discontinued.

Fiber content

Yarns come in a wide variety of fibers:

Excluding fibers


You can also filter by texture, e.g. plied, boucle, chenille, single ply.